New Equipment Model

New Equipment Model

GehlGEHL AL440

Rated Operating Capacity with Bucket: 901 kg

Power: 47 Hp

Full Turn Tipping: 971 kg

Bucket Hinge Pin Height: 3002 mm




A   Length with Bucket on Ground 4224 mm
B   Shipping Length 3550 mm
C   Front Wheel Center to Pivot Pin 570 mm
D   Wheelbase 1617 mm
E   Rear Overhang 1202 mm
F   Height to Top of Cab 2310 mm
H   Hood Height 1513 mm
J   Maximum Reach Height 3550 mm
K   Bucket Hinge Pin Height 3002 mm
L   Ground Plane to Bucket Edge Height 2770 mm
M   Dump Clearance at Full Height 2215 mm
N   Dump Reach at Full Height 105 mm
P   Width Over Tires 1195 mm
R   ROPS Width 1025 mm
S   Ground Clearance 260 mm
T   Turning Radius with Bucket 3123 mm
U   Outer Turning Radius 2643 mm
V   Inner Turning Radius 1427 mm
W   Articulation Angle from Center 45°
X   Rollback at Height 35°
Y   Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height 53°
Z   Bucket Rollback at Ground 29°
AA   Attachment Pivot Clearance 253 mm
BB   Wheel Radius 397 mm
CC   Bucket Width - Standard 1500 mm


Make Yanmar
Model/Number of Cylinders 4TNV88 Interim Tier IV/4
Power @ 2800 rpm 35 kW
Displacement 2.190 cm 3

Load Capacities

Rated Operating Capacity with Bucket 901 kg
Static Tipping Load with Bucket  
    Straight 1802 kg
    Full Turn 1181 kg
Static Tipping Load with Forks  
    Straight 1332 kg
    Full Turn 874 kg
Bucket Breakout 24.12 kN
Operating Weight 2790 kg


Work Hydraulic System Flow  56.8 L/min
Work Hydraulic System Pressure 207 bar
Drive Hydraulic System Pressure  410 bar
Drive Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity  41.6 L


Battery 12-volts
Fuel Tank Capacity 68 L
Travel Speed 0 - 20 km/hr


Sound Power <101 dB(A)
Sound Pressure <87 dB(A)


Hand-Arm 3.18 m/s 2
Hand-Arm Action Value 2.5 m/s 2
Whole Body 0.71 m/s 2
Whole Body Action Value 0.5 m/s 2

* - Stage 3A Engine

1 - Capacities per ISO 14397 standards

Gehl reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time without notice or obligation.